don't know how ZOO stores fits in with Mercantila but they are connected in someway...

placed order on Jan 8 ... Jan 10 notified item discontinued.

have called them 3 times since asking for refund. i was told by sales rep that the tele number you call to place order is a 3rd party = they are NOT employees. they just relay the info to company. i can see one of tele persons posted my request online under my order

"Customer is calling wanting to know where his refund is at as this order was canceled on 1/10 as it was discontinued. Please issue refund asap."

and i see a answer from company

" I apologize for the delay. We are working on processing your refund request and expect it to be completed shortly. Thank you for your patience. Regards, Zoostores Customer Service

well still waiting .... i think a month is long enough .. calling CC today ...

Monetary Loss: $300.

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